We're continuing to mobilize and show solidarity with other unionized colleagues: the AAUP-AFT Part-Time Lecturer faculty and the AAUP-AFT postdoctoral associates, plus the Legacy UMDNJ unions (e.g., the faculty that were unionized as AAUP-UMDNJ have the new union name, AAUP-BHSNJ, Biomedical Health Sciences New Jersey).

Implementation of the new Agreement for Full-Time faculty and TAs-GAs is underway. We have been informed that the first salary increase went into effect on May 8, 2015 and that increase going forward plus the retroactive increase should have appeared on the May 22, 2015 paycheck (the retroactive amount goes back to September 1, 2014). Contact the union to let us know if you see it or don't see it! Call 732-964-1000.

The URA-AFT staff union reached agreement and the members voted to ratify it on June 3. Implementation is underway.

AAUP-AFT Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Counselors reached agreement and they voted on Thursday, May 21, to ratify their new contract, and implementation is underway.

Rutgers AAUP-AFT represents more than 6,600 faculty and TAs/GAs. We are strongly committed to preserving and enhancing the quality and accessibility of Rutgers programs and advancing the university to the top echelon of public research universities. 

Our members' working conditions are our students' learning conditions.


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