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Thomas Moomjy

My name is Thomas E. Moomjy. I’m running for the office of Secretary on the PTL Executive Board. I want our union to grow, to fully represent all members, to stand up to the corporate university machine, and to help ensure that Rutgers stays a world class research and teaching university.

Twenty years ago my first job at Rutgers was sorting mail and answering the help desk phone at the College Ave Student Activity Center. We can all agree that much as changed at Rutgers over the last two decades, but at what cost?

Rutgers treatment of adjunct faculty—inadequate wages, no job security, no healthcare, inadequate resources—signals to students, parents, and alumni that administration cares more about profit than the worth of a Rutgers degree.

After all, what is a Rutgers degree worth if one doesn’t place a premium on the quality education of students?

Real job security, a living wage, and healthcare for all Rutgers Adjuncts translates to better education for Rutgers students, a stronger relationship to Rutgers Alumni, and long term growth for Rutgers University.

I’m a PTL from the American Studies Department in New Brunswick, a PTL Senator representing New Brunswick PTLs in the University Senate, a two time Rutgers alumnus, and ABD from a third degree at Rutgers Newark. I’ve been an RUAAUP-AFT member for 7 years as a TA/GA and PTL. Through other institutions I’ve been an AFT member for 10 years.

It’s time for a new generation of union leadership. We must be transparent with our members. We need to organize from department to department, adjunct to adjunct. We need to increase membership and be more diverse and inclusive. Such an effort is going to require strong leadership, consistent messaging and accurate record keeping. I can provide those qualities.

Thank you for your consideration and please elect me as your Secretary of the PTL Executive Board.

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