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Team for Progress Statement

August 6 Update

Proven Leaders. A Winning Strategy.

We fought for PTL advancement. We defended PTL advancement. We’ll enforce PTL advancement.

TEAM FOR PROGRESS is the team that won significant raises, longer-term appointments and opportunities for advancement for PTLs. Because of TEAM FOR PROGRESS, part-time faculty at Rutgers not only earn salaries that are among the highest in the nation for public universities, but today also enjoy, for the first time, opportunities to advance. We now have a career path.

Breaking open the structure of employment at Rutgers is no small achievement, and is the result of years of focus, research and committee work. It is important to safeguard those gains.

TEAM FOR PROGRESS worked years to secure the current contract, which provides OPPORTUNITIES FOR ADVANCEMENT and up to 33 percent increases for part-time faculty.

TEAM FOR PROGRESS fought for this contract – and won – when a group of VOTE NO opponents tried to eliminate all gains for PTLs.

Now those same VOTE NO opponents want to take over our union and eliminate PTL advancement.


TEAM FOR PROGRESS is already working to enforce the contract and has met regularly with Rutgers administrators to assure that advancements this fall are smooth and efficient. Our long-term strategy is to mirror the structure of part-time employment in the BIG TEN. This contract creates that foundation.



July 23 Update

REMINDER: Deadline is September 20 to apply for PTL advancement. Please contact AAUP-AFT-PTLFC President Teresa Politano ( or AAUP-AFT-PTLFC Vice President David Chapman ( for more information. 

Proven Leadership. Fiscal Responsibility. Fresh ideas. Continue the fight for equity, job security and access to health care. 

Team for Progress is the team that negotiated the recent contract, which offers, for the first time, opportunities for advancement for all PTLs, with significant raises and job protections. This structural change was made despite tremendous opposition – in the aftermath of an anti-union Supreme Court decision that slashed our financial resources, in the face of an anti-union college administration, amid a stormy and media-charged round of negotiations and despite a misinformation campaign against the contract that would have denied PTLs their hard-earned raises.

Team for Progress is a slate of hard-working, dedicated professionals from diverse fields of study and diverse backgrounds – men and women, recent hires and longtime PTLs. We have a progressive agenda and we have a plan. As a team, we worked years gathering and presenting research that informed the significant improvements in the PTL employment structure. Thanks to our hard work, PTLs are no longer interchangeable freelancers with zero opportunity for advancement. We continue to meet with policymakers, including Gov. Murphy and other legislators, in our advocacy efforts for healthcare.  

We have harnessed new energy; several candidates are new leaders, bringing a fresh, exciting perspective. Team for Progress has a clear, concise plan; we are working to mirror the employment structures of adjuncts elsewhere in the Big Ten. This effort requires vision, focus and hard work. A vote for this slate is vote for continued progress.

For more information on our slate, please contact either Teresa Politano,  or David Chapman,


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