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Paul More

Having served on the Rutgers Camden Faculty Council for the past seven years has broadened my knowledge of how the full-time faculty and top administrators think and where their interests and priorities lie. That together with being a member of the AAUP PTL Executive Board for 15 years puts me in a great position to more effectively represent all PTLs, fully armed with data consisting of: the number of PTLs teaching at the various campuses; the makeup of the various student bodies; PTL concerns over the years; and concerns of the full-time faculty and high level administrators. 

Past experience in union activities while employed in the Department of Defense (35 years) is yet another asset. While serving as Executive Director of Engineering, I was recognized as a model for developing a high performing organization…3 times being awarded the Meritorious Civilian Service Award (the highest award a civilian can receive by a Commanding Officer).

Most recently awarded the Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence for PTLs.

Moving forward…Overcoming obstacles…representing all PTLs, key to building a great university!


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