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Part-Time Lecturers Rights/Benefits


Summary of Rights/Benefits

Tuition Remission

PTLs have finally won the right to be eligible for 50% tuition remission for certain undergraduate level or graduate level courses, subject to several provisions (see this letter from President Barchi on December 10, 2014 for details). The benefit is for the PTL employee only, not the PTL's dependent children, spouses, or domestic partners. The PTL tuition remission application is now available. It should be returned to the Office of Academic Labor Relations via email and questions are being answered at the OALR office number: 848-932-7174. PTLs are able to apply for 50% tuition remission after the drop-add period each semester. View the OALR application for more details on the requirements for applying.

Health care options:

Buy-in at full cost to the New Jersey State Health Benefits Plan. Open enrollment is every year in October: Check to view FAQ from Rutgers
Watch for open enrollment for the New Jersey Health Marketplace (aka Obamacare) or check to see if you are eligible for special enrollment now or if you may be eligible for NJ Family Care:

Gains made through unionization

This chart highlights the rights that have been won since PTLs unionized: PTL comparison chart: Before and after unionization (1988-2012)

The current PTL Collective Agreement:

This is a summary listing of PTL rights that are contained in the full negotiated document ratified by PTL union members: PTL Collective Agreement.

  • representational rights for Part-Time Lecturers which includes online instructors and co-teachers [Article I.B]
  • the right to work in an environment free of discrimination
  • salary minimums [Article IV.1.A]
  • protection against reductions in salary from one semester to another [Article Art IV.D]
  • salary protections for courses canceled [Article IV.E]
  • salary supplements for increased student enrollment in a course [Article IV.F]
  • direct deposit of salary checks [Article IV.H]
  • grievance procedure to address violations of the Union Agreement or University policies related to terms and conditions of employment [Article V]
  • priority of appointment based on length of service
  • letters of appointment with detailed information re: the appointment and assignment [Article IV.D]
  • written notice: departments will make reasonable efforts to provide timely written notice of appointment [Article VI.D]
  • departmental space and/or access to resources needed for teaching and administration of courses taught [Article VII.A, B & E]
  • access to existing instructional material [Article VI.C & D]
  • reimbursement for authorized expenses [Article VI.I]
  • personnel files: the right to review and copy official personnel files and to add material to that file [Article VIII]
  • health and safety: employees will not be required to work under conditions that pose a danger to health and safety and the University will provide a safe and healthful environment [Article X]
  • Professional Development Fund: employees will be provided a list of program and resources related to professional development; eligibility for resources from an established Professional Development Fund [Article XI.B]
  • eligibility to audit courses related to subject matter of courses the PTL has taught or is teaching [Article XI.C]
  • privileges: full library privileges and access to recreational facilities [Article XII.A]
  • pre-tax payroll deductions [Article XII.H]
  • pension program: participation in State Pension Program [Article XIII]
  • payment for independent studies courses [Appendix to PTL agreement]


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