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Full-Time Faculty Non-Tenure Track Rights/Benefits

Summary of Rights/Benefits

The agreement between Rutgers University and the AAUP-AFT guarantees the rights listed below for full-time, non-tenure track faculty.        

  • academic freedom: the rights associated with the principles of academic freedom [Article II and Rutgers University Policy 60.5.1]
  • environment free of discrimination: the right to work in an environment free of discrimination and harassment [Articles IV and IX]
  • salary: the right to a set salary [Article VIII]
  • health benefits: as afforded to state employees [Article VIII, Part Four]
  • appeal/grievance procedures: new procedures under construction through joint labor-management committee meetings (Spring 2015)
  • a workload: for faculty that is consistent with the practice of the department/unit [Article XV]
  • time off: the right to time off for health reasons [Article XVI]
  • recuperative leave and parental release: 6 weeks or longer of paid recuperative leave for pregnancy related events; eligibility for an additional 8 weeks for parental release time for a total of up to 14 weeks (one semester) of time off
  • leave of absence: eligibility for a leave of absence without pay for birth/adoption, or a serious health condition of employee or family member in accordance with State of NJ Family Leave Act and extension of term appointments [Article XVI, Section B]
  • modifications of assignments due to parental or familial circumstances: Chairs, deans, and other supervisory personnel will work with unit members to discuss/consider modifications of assignments due to parental or familial circumstances [Article XVI.E]
  • leave of absence: eligibility for an unpaid leave of absence for professional development; personal convenience or completion of terminal degree (for up to two years) [Article XVII] 
  • personnel file: the right to review and copy official personnel file and to add material to that file [Article XVIII]
  • pre-tax payroll deduction: for parking fees [Article XIX.D]
  • health and safety: employees will not be required to work under conditions that pose a danger to health and safety [Article XIX.E]
  • University Policy Library: all terms and conditions of employment as applicable and set forth in the University Policy Library (formerly the University Regulations and Procedures Manual)  [link to XXI and University Policy Library]
  • evaluation procedures: New procedures for reappointment and promotion are in place starting January 2015. FAQs coming soon


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