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EOF Counselors Rights/Benefits

Summary of Rights/Benefits

Here is a very short list of the rights and benefits that EOF Counselors have via the Collective Negotiations Agreement between Rutgers University and the AAUP-AFT EOF Chapter.
Click here to read the current CNA in full. 

  • representational rights for Educational Opportunity Fund Counselors (Article 2)
  • discrimination: the right to work in an environment free of discrimination (Article 3)
  • union activities: permission to participate in certain union activities without loss of pay (Article 4)
  • grievance procedure to address violations of the Union Agreement, University policies and/or administrative decisions related to terms and conditions of employment (Article 5)
  • prohibition against unjust discipline; right to union representative at meeting related to discipline; right to know the basis for disciplinary action taken; discipline in accordance with progressive discipline guidelines  (Article 7)
  • detailed process and procedures for performance appraisals (Article 9)
  • 3 days of paid administrative leave (Article 10)
  • 3 to 5 days of paid bereavement leave (Article 11)
  • paid holidays (Article 12)
  • jury duty time granted (Article 13)
  • paid sick leave (Article 14)
  • vacation leave (Article 15)
  • leave of absence: consideration for a leave of absence without pay for personal or professional reasons (Article 16)
  • family leave in accordance with State of NJ Family Leave Act and Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (Article 16)
  • health and safety: employees will not be required to work under conditions that pose a danger to health and safety and the University will provide a safe and healthful environment (Article 17)
  • layoff provisions setting forth requirement for placement and recall (Article 18)
  • University Policy Library: all terms and conditions of employment as applicable and set forth in the University Policy Library (referred to in the Agreement as “University Regulations, Procedures and Form Usage Manual.) (Article 19 and University Policy Library)
  • personnel file: the right to review and copy from official personnel file and to add material to that file (Article 21)
  • right to position reclassification review (Article 22)
  • posting of vacancies (Article 23)
  • professional development workshops (Article 24)
  • professional conferences: potential funding for attendance at professional conferences Article 24)
  • time offeligibility for time off for class attendance (Article 24)
  • health benefits (Article 26)

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