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March 8th Actions

International Women's Day, March 8

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There has been a call for an international day of action on March 8th, 2017, organized and planned by women in 30 different countries. The AAUP-AFT Executive Council has endorsed this call and wholeheartedly supports the US platform's labor rights plank ( The IWD platform calls attention to the decades of attacks on "working women, women of color, Native women, differently abled women, immigrant women, Muslim women, lesbian, queer and trans women."

Labor Rights plank

Labor rights are women’s rights because women’s paid labor in the workplace and unpaid labor at home is the basis of wealth in our society. All over the world millions of women are forced to work for slave wages in dangerous sweatshops and other ‘hell factories’ that kill thousands every year. In the United States 46% of union members are women and a majority of them are women of color. All women, irrespective of citizenship status, sexuality or race, must have equal pay for equal work, $15 minimum wage, including for caregivers, free universal child care, paid maternity leave, sick leave, paid family leave and the freedom to organize a fighting union in the workplace. As working women who hold up half the sky we refuse to be divided over the kind of labor we perform, whether skilled or unskilled, formal or informal, sex work and domestic work.  


Some suggested ways to show solidarity with women on March 8

The Rutgers AAUP-AFT faculty union has not organized or called for a women’s strike at Rutgers this March 8th, but we do want to build towards such actions in the months to come.

You may want to: 

  • Wear red to work (regardless of your gender identity)
  • Put up our Union March 8th poster
  • Take account of the gendered and racial division of labor in your department and, if unjust, work with your union to change it
  • Join with union members who will be participating in rallies on March 8 in New York City and Philadelphia. Please look for the Union banner at these actions to join your colleagues.
  • We support the Rutgers graduate student-initiated Walk-out to Teach-in at Voorhees Mall at 2pm on March 8. Please look for the Union banner at these actions to join your colleagues.

As mentioned above, here are links to some local area actions:

New York City

Place Washington Square Park, New York City 

March 8

4:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Facebook announcement, Wednesday, March 8, 5-8pm, Rally at Logan Square, then march to Thomas Paine Plaza for closing rally/action:

New Brunswick

Student-led action, Facebook announcement, Wednesday, March 8, 2-5pm, Voorhees Mall, College Avenue, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ:


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