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Tenured/ Tenure Track Faculty Grievance Procedures


Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty Grievance Procedures: Overview

The Rutgers AAUP-AFT assists faculty members in finding informal solutions to problems they face in the workplace. The staff of the union routinely meets with faculty members to discuss and explore ways to resolve issues of many kinds. If resolution is not achievable through informal efforts, faculty members are advised as to whether the issue(s) in question are cognizable through one of the two negotiated grievance procedures and/or whether other avenues are available.

If you have questions and/or need information in general about university practices, policies or rules, you can find assistance by contacting our office. We will attempt to answer any questions you may have.

Rutgers AAUP-AFT is only authorized to pursue grievances on behalf of its members under the collective bargaining agreement with Rutgers, the State University. It does not provide members with lawyers or legal advice for the pursuit of outside discrimination or other types of claims. State and federal laws provide individual avenues separate from the union-negotiated contract to pursue claims of violations of anti-discrimination laws. Consult this "FAQ's Concerning Discrimination and the Law" for information about your rights and obligations under state and federal laws.

The relevant sections of the Agreement (union-negotiated contract) for the Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty are Articles IX, X, and XIII:
Article IX provides a fair and effective procedure for identifying issues, articulating and resolving problems and disputes based on the terms and conditions contained in the union-negotiated contract or allegations based on University policy that directly effect the work and welfare of faculty (unrelated to reappointment, promotion, or tenure decisions).
Article X covers grievances related to reappointment, promotion, and/or tenure decisions.
Article XIII contains procedures for an expedited appeal of denial of tenure.


The Rutgers AAUP-AFT Contract Enforcement and Grievance Department has three staff members: B.J. Walker, Damon Fillman, and Wendy Asreen. The Chair of the Rutgers AAUP-AFT Litigation/Grievance Committee is appointed by the President.

You may contact a staff representative in this department for assistance either by telephone (732) 964-1000 or e-mail: B.J. Walker bjwalker AT or Damon Fillman dfillman AT Meetings are by appointment only.

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