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Full-Time Faculty Contract

Thanks to members who have contacted the AAUP-AFT office to let us know what's going on in your department or work area during the past several months of contract implementation. Effective implementation of any Collective Agreement (union-negotiated contract) benefits immesurably from members who contact the union with comments, questions, or other information. The contract is the foundation upon which all our individual work rests. Generally speaking, the union contract sets the minimum below which a salary (or other beneft, e.g., paid family leave for eligible faculty) should not fall.

The next big step in implementation is the salary increase in year 2 of the contract, which will be done through merit evaluation for 2015-16. The process should begin this Fall Semester 2015. The merit awards should be announced by early spring. Awards could range from 1% - 10% and, when awarded, will be applied retroactive to July 1, 2015.

Stay in touch as this evaluation process goes forward and, as always, contact us with questions or concerns. The union office phone is 732-964-1000.


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