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Faculty, Staff, and Students Open the Books!

Prosperity for management, austerity for the rest (including students) exposed at “Open the Books!”

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Rutgers Athletics: Robbing Academics to Fund Big Sports


April 10, 2014
New Brunswick, NJ—At today’s university-wide “Open the Books!” event at Rutgers, organized by the AAUP-AFT and other unions at Rutgers, Professor Howard Bunsis revealed two shocking facts about Rutgers: an extraordinarily large and highly paid management, and an inflated sports budget that is a drain on the academic mission.

Rutgers’ faculty and staff unions, along with student groups organized this event that featured Secretary-Treasurer of the National American Association of University Professors (AAUP) Professor Howard Bunsis. It was held at Rutgers’ New Brunswick campus and simulcast to other campuses in Camden, Newark and the newly affiliated Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences campus in Newark.

A whopping 79 administrators each make over $250,000, for a total of more than $26 million in administrative costs at the highest levels (non-inclusive of bonuses and other perks)—a “shocking” number compared to other public institutions, according to Bunsis. By contrast, well-paid tenure-track faculty jobs have been slashed by 4 percent, while significantly lower-paid contingent faculty jobs have skyrocketed by 154 percent at New Brunswick alone, a trend found on all Rutgers’ campuses.

The report revealed a stunning $200 million in cash flows in 2011, the year Rutgers’ management imposed a salary freeze on union faculty and staff,
indicating the freeze was likely one of choice, not necessity.

"You can almost hear the big sucking sound of tuition dollars and money for faculty slithering into the fat paychecks of our many top administrators,” said Professor David Hughes.

An audible gasp could be heard in the Newark conference room when attendees were told that 44 percent of the nearly $72 million in expenses for sports comes from student fees and funds meant for the core academic mission. Other Big Ten schools like Ohio State, Michigan, Purdue and Illinois do not use any funds from academics.

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