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Contract Campaign- What We're Fighting For

What We’re Fighting For

The Rutgers AAUP-AFT represents faculty grad workers, part-time lecturers, post-docs, and EOF counselors. We have joined our staff colleagues and with our students to make Rutgers the best public university in the country. We have adopted a platform called “Bargaining for the Common Good” that sets out not only to improve work conditions for faculty and staff but to also make a quality education affordable to all NJ residents and to meet the needs of the communities that we are a part of. 


Our Union is Fighting For:

Salary Equity: Cost of living raises for all faculty, pay equity across our three campuses, equal pay for equal work for female faculty and Part-Time Lecturers, offset salary compression;
Diversity: Hiring and retention of faculty from historically underrepresented groups, transparency in promotion standards so more female faculty can rise to ranks of Full and Distinguished Professor;
Job Security: 5-year contracts for graduate employees, teaching tenure for Non-Tenure Track (NTT) faculty and longer term appointments for Part Time Lecturers
Academic Freedomboth inside and outside the classroom, as well as on social media and online communication;
Affordable Healthcare and Education: lower healthcare costs, freeze tuition for undergrads, zero tuition for Ph.D. students, and expand state funding of the Educational Opportunity Fund programs to increase student access, diversity
and success.



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