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We Opened the Books at Rutgers

See the full Open the Books Report here.


A day after startling revelations of Rutgers storing millions of dollars in offshore accounts, we hosted 3 packed events with over 1,000 watching from home to open the university's books with Dr. Howard Bunsis. Stay tuned for more analysis and action on what we learned yesterday, but here's the bottom line: Rutgers has plenty of money, but university administrators are diverting more into growing their own salaries and into athletics than into supporting the core academic and research mission of the university. 247 university administrators make over $250,000 each year - compared to Part-Time Lecturers, who teach over 30% of classes at Rutgers, don't have healthcare, and whose combined salaries make up less than 1% of salaries at the university. Meanwhile, tuition continues to rise for students and New Jersey families and subsidies for the athetic program are the highest of any Big Ten school.


We're coming together with other unions at Rutgers to challenge that trend when we bargain a new contract in 2018 for our members and for the common good - invest in faculty, students, and staff, not admin salaries, athletics and offshore accounts! 

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