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Students Stand with Part-Time Lecturers

Submitted by Staff on Fri, 10/09/2015 - 14:44


Rutgers USAS student activists sent the following message to the faculty, encouraging everyone to stand with them in solidarity with PTLs.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Join us - your students - at 12:30 PM on Wed, Oct 14, 2015 outside of and inside Winants Hall, 7 College Ave, New Brunswick as we stand in solidarity with Part-Time Lecturers

Dear Rutgers University Faculty,

As mid-October swiftly approaches, students and professors alike are met with the daunting reality of the unofficial “midterm season.” Between our time spent writing essays, studying for exams, or figuring out how and if we will accomplish it all, we, as members of the student body at Rutgers University, are becoming more aware and appreciative of our engaged and dedicated professors during this stressful time; from responding to our frantic emails, to extending office hours, to being attentive and patient in class, we are thankful for the work you all do at this University.

Even though students largely share these sentiments, we are aware that the Rutgers administration does not always recognize or commend this work, especially when faculty members are Part-Time Lecturers (PTLs). We recognize that many PTLs, despite their dedication to students, are disrespected and inadequately compensated for the effort they put into to being our instructors--a feeling we are sure most have experienced or witnessed while working at this University. Thus, in the midst of midterms, we students will stand in solidarity with PTLs at the October 14th Board of Governors meeting; by speaking directly to BOG members and reading the testimonies of students aloud, we are going to convey our appreciation of PTLs at this University and demand a fair contract. As part of the Rutgers community, we encourage you to support your fellow faculty members and join us in our display of solidarity on Wednesday, October 14th at 12:30PM at Winants Hall on College Ave.

Throughout the meeting, we will address the lack of respect PTLs are receiving from Rutgers administration. Rutgers’ more than 1,500 PTLs--none of which have job security or academic freedom due to their ineligibility for tenure--still work their hardest as our instructors.

Additionally, although we have lecturers receiving unacceptable wages, the top 79 administrators at Rutgers University each earn over $275,000 annually. This, coupled with the 2.3% tuition increase that the BOG voted for this summer, makes it hard to believe that Rutgers does not have the resources to offer a more progressive contract for their PTLs. Students are outraged at these conditions, and we want to show the Rutgers Board of Governors and the Administration at large that we will not accept these conditions for our professors; their working conditions are our learning conditions.

As we stand in solidarity with beloved PTLs at this Board of Governors meeting, we hope Full-Time faculty will join us in the fight for a fair employment contract!

Rutgers United Students Against Sweatshops


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