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In Response to Vivian Fernández

Submitted by Staff on Fri, 12/12/2014 - 17:47

All Rutgers employees have now likely seen an email from Vivian Fernández profusely thanking the Teamsters for reaching a contract settlement. You should understand that the agreement only calls for 2% increases in each year and all of those increases are still "subject to" management wanting to actually pay them. Again, fool me once …

Employees can also expect to see an email soon announcing that a similar 2% increase will be happily paid out this year to nonaligned staff of the university - those employees not represented by a union. So management, with bloated ranks and salaries, will reward themselves with a raise for having successfully denied raises for legacy Rutgers faculty and staff for the past three years.

This raises the urgency of the need for all of our members to respond to the "subject to" poll we sent out earlier today. Please take the poll so that we can accurately gauge our members' opinions about this vital contract issue.

Best Wishes,
Lisa Klein, President

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