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PTLs: Summer Salary Information for Summer Instructors

Submitted by Staff on Tue, 04/12/2016 - 10:10

Dear PTL Colleagues:

If you teach in the summer, you should expect your salary, in most cases, to remain the same as your salary for the spring semester.

Our union-negotiated Winter/ Summer Instructors Agreement states that the Office of Summer Session should notify Summer Instructors about their appointments by May 1 "to the extent possible." Here's what you should know:

Minimum salary: $1650 per credit - Effective for Summer Sessions 2016, the minimum base salary rate for a Part-Time Lecturer who is a Summer Instructor is $1650 per credit. For example, if teaching a three-credit course, the minimum is $4950.

Six additional provisions about Summer Salary rates for Summer Instructors are listed below:

1. "At Least Equal" - A Summer Instructor should be paid a salary at least equal to the salary the Instructor was paid for the same course previously taught for the same department in the Summer Session or has previously taught as a PTL in the immediately proceeding academic year.

2. "May be paid above salary rate" - An individual Summer Instructor may be paid above his/her base salary rate at any time, due to special circumstances, at a specified increase which does not establish a new base salary rate. If the Office of Summer Session determines that special circumstances warrant a higher salary, it should make every attempt to inform the Summer Instructor in writing before the first day of class of the special circumstances with the same information as any other Summer appointment letter.

3. "Appointment letter" - Summer appointment letters should contain the following information:

  • Title of the course(s)
  • Effective dates and duration of appointment
  • Department or unit of the course(s) assigned
  • Duties attendant to the course assignment (including, for example, duties
    related to the preparation of a syllabus, attendance at orientation and  
    other workshops, use of course management systems, prescribed format of the course and compliance with administration of student rating forms)
  • Any other information which the department or unit may deem necessary
    for the Summer Instructor to carry out his/her duties
  • The timing and method of acceptance of the offer to teach in the
    Summer Session
  • A statement that Instructors can consult individual departments regarding
    projected approximate enrollment
  • Salary  
  • The contact numbers for the Office of Winter and Summer Session on the
    Instructor's campus and the Rutgers Environmental Health and Safety  
    Department (REHS)
  • Instructors who meet the eligibility criteria set forth in the collective
    agreement between the University and the Rutgers Council of AAUP
    Chapters, AAUP-AFT shall be covered by that agreement. The Winter/Summer Instructors Agreement may be found on the RU website. In addition, there should be a link on this site to the website of the Rutgers Council of AAUP Chapters, AAUP-AFT, where PTLs can find information about the
    union, including a membership application.

4. "Maintenance of higher salary from most recent term" - A Summer Session Instructor who was paid above his/her base salary due to special circumstances will be paid a salary that is at least equal to the rate that the Instructor was paid in the most recent Summer Session term, where special circumstances did not apply. However, in the case of PTLs who have taught at least 6 consecutive years during Summer terms, the Office of Summer Session agrees to pay the highest base salary paid for teaching a course in a Summer term for the same department, where special circumstances did not apply.

5. "Low enrollment & agreeing to work for less" - If the course might end up not being offered due to insufficient paid student enrollment, an individual Summer Instructor may be paid below his/her base salary rate. In such special circumstance of low enrollment, the Summer Instructor may be paid a lower salary (no lower than 60% of the applicable base salary rate) that is mutually agreeable between the Instructor and the Summer Session Office. This mutually-accepted individual agreement shall be reflected in a revised appointment letter signed by both the Instructor and the Summer Session Office. A salary that is mutually agreed upon in this manner does not establish a new base salary rate. In the absence of this mutually agreed upon salary rate for teaching fewer students, the Summer Session Office will determine if the class will be taught or whether a different instructor will be appointed.

6. "Restoration of full salary if paid enrollment goes up" - Should a course that was under-enrolled achieve full paid enrollment by the Monday after the start of that Summer Session in which the course is taught, the Instructor shall receive full base salary for the course plus any agreed-upon extra compensation for special circumstances.

If you have any questions about your Summer Session contract, please contact the PTL Faculty Chapter at 732-964-1000 or via email:

Happy summer teaching,

Teresa Politano
President, PTL Faculty Chapter
PTL, Journalism and Media Studies (SC&I-New Brunswick)

Rutgers AAUP-AFT
11 Stone Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Office phone: (732) 964-1000
Fax: (732) 964-1032
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