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Teresa Politano thanks full-time faculty for their support

Submitted by Staff on Thu, 11/05/2015 - 17:05


Teresa Politano, President of the PTL Faculty Chapter and Part-Time Lecturer in the School of Communication and Information, thanked the full-time faculty who came out in support of their part-time colleagues in an email sent on November 5, 2015:


Dear Full-Time Faculty Colleagues:

As a Part-Time Lecturer at Rutgers and the president of our PTL union, I want to thank you for your support and let you know that we have finally reached a tentative agreement [read joint statement] on a new three-year contract. It took some time, but I think we’ve reached a fair agreement. For the first time since I’ve been teaching here at Rutgers, I feel that PTLs have been publicly recognized for our contributions to our departments and our students – and much of that recognition has come from you, our full-time colleagues.

Without your strong support, and the leadership of AAUP-AFT president, David Hughes, I doubt that we would now be settled. There’s more work to be done, but this agreement will make that work more meaningful and well-organized as we plan a path for career advancement and greater recognition for PTLs at Rutgers.

PTLs now look forward to working with you at the department, school, campus and university-wide levels to further our shared interests. I truly believe it is we, the entire faculty, that will ensure that “Revolutionary Rutgers” is not just a marketing slogan. And it is only fitting that it was your contract campaign that kicked off the theme of “Reclaiming Rutgers.”

Thanks again for your strong support and leadership.

We can now truly celebrate the 250th Anniversary on November 10. Come out to support our student allies who stood with us in both of our contract campaigns!

In Solidarity,

Teresa Politano
Part-Time Lecturer, School of Communication and Information



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