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Professor Rob Scott Wins "Local Hero Award "

Submitted by Staff on Thu, 09/08/2016 - 11:06

Associate Professor Robert Scott serves on the Executive Committee of the Rutgers AAUP-AFT, but he has been most effective acting as a regular member through little-known administrative pathways.  In this way, Rob has achieved what no one else could achieve on behalf of adjunct faculty.  Earlier this year, he saw a bureaucratic opportunity through which he could double the salary of two such faculty members in the Department of Anthropology at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. 

As the department's Undergraduate Program Director, he had observed the continual exploitation of these instructors – paid less than $5000 per course, without benefits.  Last year, the adjunct union bargained for "fractional appointments," that is, for per-course salaries equivalent to a prorated full-time non-tenure-track salary.  In Anthropology, such full-time profs teach five courses per year, quite a low load in comparison to many peer departments.  The fractional salary then would reach $11,000 per course, an amount our administration considers ludicrous.  But Rob made it happen!  And what is more, he found the resources for one-year contracts and health insurance.  It is possible that, when Anthropology hires them in September, these will the best-compensated adjuncts in the country.  I applaud Rob for his persistence, his negotiating skills, and his genuine devotion to make Rutgers are more just place.

- Professor David Hughes, President of the full-time faculty local, Rutgers AAUP-AFT

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