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NTT Faculty News: Contract Negotiations and the NTT MOA

Submitted by Staff on Wed, 10/29/2014 - 00:00

In December 2013, after nearly a year of negotiations and contract campaign rallies, we finally reached an agreement on new NTT full-time faculty job titles and a range of improvements in the terms of NTT appointments, including the establishment of promotion pathways. AAUP-AFT members ratified this NTT Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in January 2014 and the work associated with implementation of this agreement continues.  A key piece of this work is the development of policies and procedures for reappointment and promotion of NTT faculty.  The Union and administration are nearing completion of these new policies and we expect they will soon be ready for distribution.

As a result of our negotiations, NTT faculty members who were below minimum salary levels for the Instructor rank had their salaries raised up to $39,058 for AY appointments and $44,963 for CY appointments for the Spring 2014 semester. President Barchi’s management bargaining team refused in December 2013 to deal with the rest of our economic proposal to raise all NTT faculty to at least $55,000. RU management preferred to roll the whole question of economic justice for NTT faculty into negotiations for everyone in the full-time bargaining unit (which includes all tenure-track and tenured faculty as well as teaching assistants and graduate assistants). Those negotiations have been underway since late Spring 2014 and continue this Fall 2014 semester. 

We are fighting to raise the minimum salaries; for example, for the Instructor rank we have proposed:

July 1, 2014: AY $45,000; CY $51,750
July 1, 2015: AY $50,000; CY $57,500
July 1, 2016: AY $55,000; CY $63,250

In addition, we have proposed an across-the-board (ATB) increase for each academic year in dollar amounts rather than percentage increases, which is much more equitable for lower paid faculty:

2014-15:  $2,500 ATB
2015-16:  $2,600 ATB
2016-17: $2,700 ATB

Full-time non-tenure track faculty are entitled to merit review, so for the merit portion, AAUP-AFT proposes the following merit pools:

2014-15:  3%
2015-16:  2.5%
2016-17:  2%

We have been escalating our member actions because the plain truth is that only with faculty activism will our very reasonable proposals be heard; mere reasoned argument across the bargaining table is not enough.  In addition, we must stand firm to remove the language that was used by management to impose the unethical salary freeze in June of 2010, i.e. the “Subject to State Funding” paragraph.

RU management has treated many NTT faculty with disrespect for far too long. It is time for economic justice. The tremendous talent that non-tenure track faculty bring to Rutgers must be acknowledged and rewarded with salaries that recognize the high cost of living in New Jersey and the contributions of NTT faculty.  Rutgers works because NTT faculty continue to work hard in the classrooms and labs – serving our students and the research mission of the University. 

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