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Contract Update #9: Some Progress, But We Deserve More

Submitted by Staff on Mon, 11/10/2014 - 09:30

Our collective efforts are having an impact. In response to our historic walk out on Oct. 23, as well as your phone calls and emails, the Barchi team came back with a 0.5% increase. In our Contract Update #7, we sent you both our union position and management's position (click to view). You will note that they are now at 4.25% over 3 years (across-the-board and merit), up from the initial 3.25% offer, but this remains unacceptably low. They have not responded to our TA-GA salary increase proposal yet.

We've also won back full salaries for a semester-long sabbatical after 6 years. In addition, we believe it is a positive sign that this week on November 11 our team is finally bargaining directly with Dr. Richard Edwards, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chancellor of the New Brunswick campus. We're encouraged by their move to have someone at the table with academic credentials and a much clearer understanding of what faculty and TAs-GAs actually do.

We sincerely hope that Edwards' participation will put an end to months of delays and insulting economic offers and lead to a fair contract very soon. However, if we don't see real progress then we will be compelled to mobilize faculty and TAs-GAs to increase pressure on management at our following bargaining session, Nov. 18.

In the meantime, please keep those faculty approvals of the Proposed Resolution on Salary and Tuition rolling in to Sherry Wolf at So far, 21 departments and the New Brunswick Faculty Council have passed it, many unanimously. Please contact Sherry with any questions or concerns you have about the resolution and stay tuned to further news of bargaining progress. TA-GAs are calling meetings in their departments to learn more about the negotiations, too.

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