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Contract Update #7: Reclaim Rutgers on Thurs, Oct 23

Submitted by Staff on Mon, 10/20/2014 - 00:00

Your participation in the contract campaign is making a difference. This past Thursday the Barchi bargaining team came back with an economic proposal that was 0.5% over their initial offer (see details of the bargaining positions in this News post). We still have a ways to go, and your emails, letters, and participation in various protest actions will make the difference between management’s measly offer and what faculty at Rutgers deserve.

Please join us on Thursday, October 23 at 12:30pm on “Reclaim Rutgers Day” at one of the following locations. We need YOU to help us reach the finish line. 

Busch campus: outside Faculty Dining Hall

Camden campus: Campus Center Plaza

College Ave: center of Voorhees Mall

Cook/Douglass campus: Douglass Center Plaza

Livingston campus: Livingston Student Dining Center Plaza

Newark campus: Paul Robeson Center Plaza




            Economic Proposals

We Propose: They are Offering:
2014-15 $2500 ATB 1%
                3% merit ZERO
2015-16 $2600 ATB ZERO
               2.5% merit 1.25% merit
2016-17 $2700 ATB ZERO
               2.0% merit 1.50% merit
Minimum salary $55,000K by July 1, 2016     Only the above mini raises
Asst Prof reappt of 2.5% for all Limited to future reappts
Full/Dist Prof merit raises of 2.5% Raises up to 2.5% but as little as $ 1.00
Remove “Subject to State Funding” Language     Keep the Salary Freeze Option in Place

            Non-Economic Proposals

Sabbaticals – administration proposes abolishing 100% semester sabbaticals and we refuse to agree.

Phased Retirement – both sides waiting for response from Trenton.

Flexible leave for new parents – we’ve proposed it and the administration seems to agree, but refuses to allow for full enforcement rights.

Cameras in classrooms – we propose faculty control over turning on the cameras and administration declines, offering only a committee should issue arise.

Notification of university policy changes – we demand notice in advance of BOG approval but administration declines.

Preservation of work – we seek information on who teaches what, whether PTL, TA, or other growing numbers of workers in the classroom. Administration delays, stalls, and appears unable to provide accurate information on who works here.

Suspension without pay – administration proposes extending time of possible suspension from “up to one semester” to one full year with no pay or benefits. We’ve proposed to maintain the current language but add in notification and due process rights.


under an umbrella standing in solidarity

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