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Contract Update #4: Management's Economic Proposal

Submitted by Rutgers AAUP-AFT on Thu, 09/11/2014 - 03:20

We have come to the point in contract negotiations when the economic issues are beginning to be discussed. RU Management has put their economic proposal on the table. 

Finally, we are bargaining a new contract -- after an imposed salary freeze, major increases in health care cost-sharing, and no consideration of faculty merit in over four years. What does the Barchi team propose in terms of economics? What does the Barchi administration's proposal say about their view of the faculty at Rutgers University? The members will be the judge. 

Barchi's team proposed a total of 3.25% in salary increase over the next 3 years. That’s 1% Across-the-Board (ATB) this year, and merit raises of 1% next year, and 1.25% on July 1, 2016 for full-time faculty.

How do they justify their current offer?  Certainly not by considering the high cost of living in New Jersey. When you adjust for cost of living in New Jersey, our members rank near the bottom of Big 10/CIC member universities. Management initially presented the full-time faculty with average salaries for colleges and universities they deem to be "peers" for each of our three campuses but failed totally to consider cost-of-living in the various geographic regions where the peers are located. We have doubts about the validity of the peers management chose for Newark and Camden. We are concentrating on placing salary data in its proper context, which must take cost of living into account.

Cost-of-living data charts:

Rutgers-New Brunswick compared to the CIC ("Big Ten") Institutions that are public AAUs

Rutgers-New Brunswick compared to all public AAU Institutions

Rutgers-Camden chart - The chart only shows FASC Units in order to provide a realistic comparison with the "peer institutions" chosen by management that generally do not have Law and Business Schools. where salaries tend to be higher

Rutgers-Newark chart - The chart only shows FASN Units in order to provide a realistic comparison with the "peer institutions" chosen by management that generally do not have Law and Business Schools. where salaries tend to be higher 

Rutgers has committed huge resources to compete on the gridiron. Should we not be equally committed to a competitive faculty? These negotiations are the first opportunity for President Barchi to demonstrate his support for our faculty and teaching assistants and graduate assistants.To recruit and retain an outstanding faculty, we need regular increases in each year of the contract that cover cost of living and robust merit programs that reward excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service. We’ve proposed just that but we need your support to achieve our goals.

The union members will continue to establish a visible presence of the full-time faculty and TA-GAs, whose contract is the one currently being negotiated. The next #Reclaim Rutgers actions are:

-on Thursday, September 18th at the bargaining session: Arrive at 9:30 AM outside Room 118 in the Busch Campus Center to create a visible presence of faculty and TA-GAs when Barchi's team walks into the room in order to show management that you will not accept this insulting offer. RSVP to
-on Friday, September 19th at President Barchi's "State of the University" address, arrive 12:30 pm to again create a visible presence of faculty and TA-GAs outside the College Ave Campus Center and walking into the building towards the Multipurpose Room where the President will speak. The speech is scheduled to begin at 1:10 PM. RSVP to

Union members say: Barchi, show respect for the faculty and TA-GAs! We aim to #Reclaim Rutgers!
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