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Contract Update #10: Dec 9, Frozen!

Submitted by Staff on Fri, 12/05/2014 - 18:26

A quick note on the progress of negotiations. Just when we thought we had management's commitment to resolve the contract, they are digging in and freezing us out.

When Executive VP Dick Edwards joined us at the bargaining table, we were optimistic that this was a signal that they were ready to reach an agreement. Instead, they reminded us that their agreements cannot be legally trusted. They have refused to remove the "subject to" language from the contract that they claim allowed them in 2010 to renege on the negotiated contract and freeze salaries. Incidentally, that was the last year that faculty were evaluated for merit.

I am sure you agree that no agreement can be reached that includes this "subject to" language.

An excellent, brief explanation of the infamous "subject to" language is in the URA-AFT November newsletter: View it here

That's why each of us needs to come out on Tuesday, December 9, to send a clear message - settle the contract, don't freeze out faculty and staff. Please stay for the entire action, but let us know if you can only do one part:

  •    Rally/Lunch from 12-1pm in the Multipurpose Room, Rutgers Student Center, College Ave Campus, New Brunswick
  •    Pack the BOG meeting in Winants Hall from 1-2PM, Old Queens, 7 College Ave, New Brunswick

RSVP to Lunch will be provided at 12 pm. Thanks to all who have already sent us your RSVP.

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