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PTL Contract Campaign

PTL Tentative Agreement Reached - Full PTL members voted Yes to ratify!


Summary of the Gains: PTL Tentative Agreement "At a Glance"
Full Text: PTL Tentative Agreement, 2015-2018
New updated PTL Collective Negotiations Agreement will be posted soon.



Resolutions in Support of Part-Time Lecturers
Full-Time Faculty are showing solidarity for their PTL faculty colleagues by passing the solidarity resolutions in departmental meetings. Click here to see the resolution and the growing departmental list.

Download the flyer for November 10--but we ended up not having a contract campaign rally but supporting student activists who raised many other issues that show where RU falls short of being "revolutionary": Adjunct Poverty Isn't Revolutionary

History of the Contract Campaign on these PTL Contract Bargaining Updates:
November 5, 2015: Tentative Agreement reached - PTL President thanks everyone, especially Full-Time Faculty for their support
October 22, 2015: PTL Bargaining Update: Adjunct Poverty Isn't Revolutionary
October 9, 2015: PTL Bargaining Update & Next Action Dates: Oct 14 and Nov 10

September 11, 2015: PTL Bargaining Update & Fall Meeting/ Action Schedule for September
August 13, 2015: PTL Bargaining Update: Working Without a Contract
June 22, 2015: PTL Bargaining Update: Administration's Positions Show Contempt
May 22, 2015: PTL Bargaining Update

More than 1,500 Part-Time Lecturers teach thousands of courses every year at Rutgers University in exchange for poverty wages and no benefits. many piece together positions at multiple institutions to make ends meet. PTLs get little support for professional development or research, and aren't paid to advise students, hold office hours, write letters of recommendation or serve on committees.

According to union surveys, PTLs want:

  • Respect: We're fighting for access to increased resources for professional development for all PTLs and integration into the life of the university.
  • Professionalization: We're fighting for fractional appointments for all PTLs to raise salaries and guarantee we're compensated for what is now unpaid work.
  • Benefits: We're fighting for health insurance for working PTLs.



PTLs Deserve Respect poster



Here's the other half-sheet flyer we used during this contract campaign, which you can download here: PTLs Deserve Better

This Fall 2015 effort follows the spring semester 2015 action. In May 2015, then-President-elect David M.  Hughes (SAS-Anthropology, Douglass Campus) asked his full-time tenured, tenure-track, and non-tenure track colleagues to sign a solidarity statement. President David M. Hughes wrote:

Part-Time Lecturers need our support at the bargaining table.  We’ve settled our new contract – now we need to help them. Indeed, we are one faculty, and we rise or fall together.

As of May 28, 2015, the PTL bargaining team has been meeting with the administration for months with very little results.  The main focus of the PTL agenda is professionalization: PTLs need fair treatment and respect, not to mention more compensation.  The union has proposed fractional appointments in line with the fraction of work they perform of a comparable full-time non-tenure track faculty member in their department – equal pay for equal work.  Such appointments would add a measure of respect as they acknowledge the many activities that PTLs currently perform for free, such as writing letters of recommendation, serving on committees, advising, and so on.  The administration, of course, defends the status quo, saying that PTLs should not be doing such things; full-time faculty take care of all that. 

Help us professionalize PTLs and resist increases in workload for full-time faculty by signing this support statement:

As full-time faculty at Rutgers, we stand in solidarity with our part-time lecturer faculty colleagues who are in the process of negotiating their collective agreement. 

To President Barchi, his RU management negotiating team, and the Rutgers Board of Governors:
We depend on Part-Time Lecturer faculty for far more than in-classroom teaching. We know they are writing letters of recommendation, advising students, and doing other departmental work. Students benefit when the RU system values and rewards PTL faculty who provide such educational services.

If you would like to come to a negotiations session and see for yourself, let us know. Let’s support our PTL colleagues so they can teach, advise, and promote students with full enthusiasm.




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