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Part-Time Lecturers Benefits

Collective Agreement

Beginning with AAUP-AFT representation in 1988, the Part-Time Chapter began negotiating collective agreements with our employer. The contract (collective agreement or collective negotiations agreement) provides annual salary increases, compensation for oversize classes and canceled classes, a grievance procedure, a professional development fund, and protection from salary reductions in addition to a statewide minimum salary. Over the years, several collective bargaining agreements have been negotiated adding across-the-board salary adjustments each term and increasing protections. 

No salary maximum is in place, leaving departments free to pay PTLs as much as their budgets or the market will allow them. Salaries vary widely from the $4,926 contractual minimum per 3-credit course to as much as $20,000 or more.

Frequently Asked Questions about joining the PTL Faculty Chapter

The newly ratified Collective Agreement (2015-2018) has not yet been posted, but you can view the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the changes to PTL terms and conditions of employment along with a summary of these improvements here:


Mass Transit Reimbursement Program
Ozone Pass Program
State Health Benefit Plan Buy-in Option
Affordable Health Care (ACA) Options
Pension Benefits
50% Tuition Remission

Mass Transit Reimbursement Program

PTLs are eligible for Mass Transit Reimbursement Program. A federal program allows part-time employees who pay for mass transit expenses associated with their commute to work to receive a tax savings. The Mass Transit Commutation Reimbursement Program for Part-time Employees covers mass transit expenses, excluding commuter parking expenses. 

Parking Fee
The PTLFC has the right to negotiate parking fees, so even though such fees are excluded from the mass transit reimbursement program. If you do need to drive your car and park on the Rutgers campus, the PTLFC contract negotiated an annual parking fee of $25. 

How the Mass Transit Reimbursement Program works:

  • Set aside before-tax dollars to pay for commuting expenses.
  • Expenses must be incurred for traveling to and from work via mass transit.
  • Submit claims for reimbursement using pretax money from your account
  • 2012 reimbursement rate = up to $240 per month for Mass Transit Expenses
  • Election enrollments and changes are allowed on a monthly basis

Further information is available from Rutgers Human Resources, 848-932-3990 or from the University Web site at

Ozone Pass Program

NJ Transit and Rutgers University has partnered to Go Green on a special summer program that encourages riding mass transit instead of driving a car to work when Ozone levels are high. Unused Ozone Passes can be reimbursed before September 1st. 

Ozone monitoring Web site: Visit the UHR Web site to view info on the Ozone Pass program here:


State Health Benefit Plan Buy-in Option

The PTLFC-AAUP-AFT has also made advances for part-time faculty in the New Jersey Legislature. Together with the NJ AAUP State Conference and the NJ AFT, Rutgers AAUP-AFT successfully changed the law to allow part-timers to purchase insurance in the NJ State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP). At a cost lower than that on the open market for individuals purchasing coverage for themselves and their families, this law gives part-timers access to excellent coverage. Open enrollment for the SHBP is during the month of October. Information available from Benefits Specialists at Rutgers University Human Resources. Review this FAQ prepared by Rutgers UHR about health benefits for part-time employees or call UHR 848-932-3990 or email them at

In our on-going efforts to gain access to affordable, quality health care as RU employees, we have negotiated a joint labor-management Committee on Health Benefits to look at the creation of RU wellness programs and the inclusion of PTLs, which will be convened in the spring 2016 semester.


Affordable Care Action (ACA)

Another health insurance option is now available through the Affordable Care Act, often called "Obamacare." With this option, any private health insurance plan you chose would be independent of your employment at Rutgers. Explore the options available on the Marketplace based on the state in which you live by visiting You may compare plans and find out if you are eligible for federal Tax Credits to help make the private health insurance you have chosen more affordable. The Marketplace has an annual open enrollment period (December through February). If you have a baby, adopt, get married, or lose coverage, you may be able to start getting coverage through your state's ACA Marketplace even when the open enrollment period has ended.

Pension Benefits

PTLs have pension benefits through the Alternative Benefit Program (ABP), a defined contribution retirement program. The right to a pension was preserved through rapid advocacy to defend this important benefit in 2008; however, the New Jersey legislature changed the benefit from the previous defined benefit plan, known as the Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS), to the ABP. The ABP is the same retirement plan in which full-time faculty are enrolled. Those already in PERS were able to choose to stay in that plan or switch to ABP, but new hires will only have the ABP option. 

Visit UHR website for more pension information:



50% Tuition Remission

The form is posted to the Rutgers Academic Labor Relations webpage on their Resources page. Scroll down to find the PTL information. Here is a direct link to the Tuition Remission application.

Click the following link to download the application form:

For questions regarding this application, please contact the RU Office of Academic Labor Relations (OALR) at 848-932-7174. The completed form should be returned to

This new benefit took effect January 30, 2015. Applications are accepted after the drop-add period in any semester. The following conditions govern eligibility for 50% tuition remission for Part-Time Lecturers (PTLs):

1. The PTL shall have taught two semesters within two consecutive academic years at Rutgers and a minimum of twelve (12) credits or 12 course hours;
2. PALS PTLs shall have taught at least two semesters within two consecutive academic years at Rutgers and a minimum of twelve (12) course hours;
3. If a PTL teaches a minimum of three (3) credits—or three (3) course hours in the case of PALS PTLS—in a semester, he or she may be eligible to take no more than three (3) credits in that semester or the subsequent semester;
4. The PTL must be admitted to one of the undergraduate, graduate, or professional divisions of the university (matriculated or non-matriculated);
5. The PTL must be appointed as a Rutgers PTL as of the first day of class for the semester in which he or she is taking the course(s);
6. The PTL must meet all policies and requirements of the program offering the class for the semester in which he or she is taking the course(s)

The application requires a list all PTL appointments held at Rutgers within the past two consecutive academic years, including any current PTL appointments.

PTLs need to obtain authorization of PTL employment from their department heads or dean.

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