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Join the Part-Time Lecturers Chapter


Download the membership form and check off "PTL": Membership Form  
Note: Social Security Numbers are no longer needed; you may leave that section blank.
Click here to view the PTL Dues Chart.

Why Join?

Here's one member's statement about why he changed his mind and decided to join:

"I have never been a union member. I declined to join when I taught high school for three years, and I did not join the Rutgers unions in 2009 as a staff member nor in 2011 as a PTL. It was always a philosophical rejection, as I have been against the concept of equal pay for unequal work. That said, I have always been concerned about the power imbalance between employers and workers, especially in large companies and institutions. Clearly, PTLs are being taken for granted and taken advantage of by universities across the country. The situation will only change by organizing and collective bargaining. I am converted. Rejoice. I will sign up. Send the paperwork."

-Frank L. Greenagel, Jr.
Rutgers, Part-Time Lecturer, School of Social Work and Center of Alcohol Studies
February 10, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions about joining the PTL Faculty Chapter.
lick to view the gains PTLs have made: PTL Union Gains (pdf).
We PTLs have made improvements in our rights and benefits through unionization from 1988 to the present. This chart on gains through PTL unionization has been updated to show the gains with the new Agreement now in effect, covering the time period from September 1, 2015 through August 30, 2018.

Union membership dues

Dues are 1.25 % of a PTL faculty member's salary - 90 cents more per paycheck than if you remain a non-member paying only the representation fee (required by NJ labor law).

Click here to view the PTL Dues Chart. New Jersey labor law requires that PTL employees have a representation fee automatically deducted from their paychecks. When PTLs become members,  they stop paying this fee and switch to union membership dues. PTLs who join the union continue to have standing as full members even if you are not working as a PTL up to three semesters. In other words, a short break in your service as a PTL employee does not take away your rights as a union member when you do come back to work. No Social Security Number required on the membership form.

Return your signed membership form by regular mail, campus mail, fax, or scan and email to

11 Stone Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Only AAUP-AFT members vote or are involved in decision making. Members make major decisions (e.g., ratifying the contract, determining job actions, electing officers), while the leadership body of the Part-Time Chapter is the Executive Board with representatives from Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick. The PTL "E" Board meets on a monthly basis. Click to view the current PTL E Board members: Part-Time Chapter Executive Board.

Potential Board members are always being sought to increase departmental representation. Contact any of the Board members or call the AAUP-AFT office at 732-964-1000 to learn more.

If you are no longer employed at Rutgers, union dues or the representation fee automatically stop when you are no longer receiving a paycheck. However, we have negotiated the right to keep a PTL in the bargaining unit for up to 3 semesters when not teaching. That way you don't lose standing for union representation if there is a short break in your employment at Rutgers. For example, some people teach only one semester in per academic year, but you do not lose the union as your advocacy organization on this account. Part-time adjuncts have a "contingent" employment position, but the union helps provide continuity and assurance of fair treatment. Please contact the PTL faculty chapter any time you have employment-related questions!

Note that union dues are tax deductible under the category of "Unreimbursed Employee Expenses" when an employee uses Schedule A (Form 1040) or Schedule A (Form 1040NR). 
Refer to IRS Publication 529, which is on the website. The 2015 version of how to claim "Unreimbursed Employee Expenses" is now available: Publication 529

We are One Faculty! We have one membership form for all and you simply check off your current status, when you fill out the form. The link to the membership form is at the top of this page.

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