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Rally and March into Old Queens: #No2SubjectTo

Flyer for the Tuesday, February 24, 2015 Rally at 1:30 PM ath Old Queens, 83 Somerset Street, New Brunswick (on the College Ave Campus)

Full-time faculty and grad student employees are holding a rally and march into Old Queens to say #No2SubjectTo:

"Enough is enough. Faculty and grad student workers will not accept a new contract with a 'subject to' clause or the insultingly low raises from President Robert Barchi and his Rutgers management team. We haven't come this far to accept a contract that allows the administration to nullify any raises we earn with "subject to" their whims."

The "subject to" clause is a preamble to Article VIII about Salary Provisions that states, "Subject to the appropriation of and allocation to the University by the State of adequate funding for the specific purposes identified for the full period covered by this Agreement, the following economic provisions shall apply..."

Read an explanation of the problem with this "subject to" clause that was written up by our sister unionists, the members of the Union of Rutgers Administrators (URA-AFT): What does "subject to" mean?

Students and staff are welcome! Solidarity wins the day!




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