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PTL Tentative Agreement 2015 - At a Glance




This attachment is a PDF of a summary document of the PTL Tentative Agreement 2015.


“At-a-Glance” PTL Tentative Agreement

  1. In July the Rutgers Board of Governors voted to revise the university policy on academic freedom to include PTLs. This was made possible through PTL and faculty activism in the University Senate.
  2. The new three-year agreement will expire in June 2018, lining up the next PTL negotiations with FT faculty, TA/GAs and EOF counselors (and all the other Rutgers unions), so that we can bargain as a united front.
  3. All currently excluded first semester PTLs (nearly 500 colleagues) will be added to our union immediately, giving them the benefits and protections of the contract and making us stronger as a union.
  4. Increases to minimum salary - from $1,600 per credit up to $1,726 over the three years, meaning the new minimum salary for a typical three-credit course will reach $5,178. All increases for 2015 will be retroactive to September.  Commensurate increases for those who teach other than by the credit. (see full agreement for details)
  5. Those PTLs who are paid above the minimum will get Across-the-Board salary increases each year, starting in the Fall: 2% increase in Year One (retroactive to September 2015); 2% increase in Year Two; and a 2.125% increase in Year Three – unless they are eligible for 5% increase in Year Two or Year Three (see next item below).  
  6. Effective in the 2016-17 academic year, a PTL who has taught 12 semesters or more will receive a one-time 5% increase. We estimate that this will impact two-thirds of all current PTLs during this agreement.
  7. $60,000 annual Professional Development Fund, up from $20,000 per year. For the first time, all money must be disbursed in each year.
  8. No change to PTL parking fees – remains $25 per year. Management was demanding huge increases.
  9. Joint Committee on Performance Evaluations & Career Advancement will begin meeting in the spring 2016 semester to look at a more effective evaluation process and a career advancement system and make recommendations by the end of the 2016-2017 year. We will look at the full-time NTT achievements over the past few years for guidance since this model appears successful.
  10. Joint Committee on Health Benefits - under a new governor, it may be possible to win health benefits for adjuncts who teach at multiple state institutions and whose cumulative work adds up to full-time employment. The committee will also look at creation of university wellness programs and the inclusion of PTLs.
  11. Tuition remission – the agreement reached last year for 50% tuition remission was added to the full contract.

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