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PTL Contract Campaign Flyer: We deserve better!

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PTL Contract Campaign leaflet 2015

PTLs Deserve Better

More than 1,500 Part-Time Lecturers teach thousands of courses every year at Rutgers University in exchange for poverty wages and no benefits. many piece together positions at multiple institutions to make ends meet. PTLs get little support for professional development or research, and aren't paid to advise students, hold office hours, write letters of recommendation or serve on committees.

According to union surveys of PTLs, they want:

  • Respect: We're fighting for access to increased resources for professional development for all PTLs and integration into the life of the university.
  • Professionalization: We're fighting for fractional appointments for all PTLs to raise salaries and guarantee we're compensated for what is now unpaid work.
  • Benefits: We're fighting for health insurance for working PTLs.

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