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Postdoc Dues Chart

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Postdoc dues are 0.75% of salary. Join the Postdoc Union to claim your democratic right to have a voice in your working conditions. This right is available to all employees, including international scholars. Membership is a right protected by law and membership names are not provided to any government agency. Only members have the right and responsibility of setting the dues rate. Join the union in order to have the right to vote and make decisions within your union!

When you join the union, you are switching from the representation fee ("fair share" fee required by New Jersey labor law) to full dues. The fee is 85% of the amount of full union dues; therefore, the increase is small. Open the attachment to see sample salary amounts and the amount of dues.

Well-informed members help the elected union leaders -- your faculty peers whom members have voted to represent them -- by creating the clout of a united faculty, debating the issues and developing strategies. Members can act as the eyes and ears of the union in the departments or units or labs, alerting leaders and union staff members if something in the Collective Agreement is not being being implemented properly or if there are issues that need attention, e.g. health and safety issue.



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