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Memo from Barbara Lee on PTL Professional Development Fund 2015


Attached is a Memorandum to Chancellors, Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs from Barbara A. Lee, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs on the PTL Professional Development Fund, dated December 10, 2015:


As you know, our part-time lecturers (PTLs) are members of the AAUP-AFT and are covered by a collective negotiations agreement. One component of the agreement is the Professional Development Fund for use by the PTLs. The language in the contract reads as follows:

Rutgers will provide a Professional Development Fund, in the amount up to $60,000 for each academic year of this contract for professional development activities specifically related to the pedagogic and related professional development needs of PTLs in connection with and related to their professional activities at Rutgers. The Fund will be administered by the Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research. Only PTLs with bargaining unit status shall be eligible to apply for money from this Fund. Applications by PTLs for funding shall first be submitted to the Department Chairperson or Program Director for review and endorsement consideration, and shall then be submitted to the Dean for approval. Only applications that are approved by the Dean may be submitted to the Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research for consideration. The entire $60,000 must be awarded in any given year. The University shall provide the Union with copies of all award and denial letters to PTLs.

We are now ready to accept applications for use of this Fund. Therefore, please inform the bargaining unit PTLs in your school or department of the existence of the Fund, and that they should follow the format below in requesting allocations from the Fund:


Department/ decanal unit/ campus
Amount of funding requested along with a detailed budget outling the use of funds
Semeater during which funds will be expended
Project statement, including how the project relates to professional activities at Rutgers (limited to one page)
Endorsement by Department Chairperson or Program Director
Approval by Dean

The request for funding should be in the form of an email to Nancy Carvalho at Applications for funding will be reviewed for merit and relevance by a committee established for this purpose.

Requests for funding should be submitted no later than February 1, 2016. Funding decisions will be announced by March 11, 2016.

Funding requests my be for activities in Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Summer 2015 or Summer 2016. PTLs should maintain receipts for funds that have been expended. Reimbursements for travel expenditures may be provided only for the improvement of teaching and learning. Funds will be dispersed only to individuals holding a bargaining unit PTL appointment at Rutgers for the semester in which they are expended or will expend the funds.

If you have questioned regarding the Professional Development Fund for PTLs, please contact Quionne Matchett ( or 848-932-7174). Many thanks.



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