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General FAQs on NTT Reappointment and Promotion Procedures

This PDF is the best place to start in order to obtain an overview of the procedures for the evaluation of full-time, non-tenure track faculty for appointment, reappointment, and promotion. Below are the contents of this PDF.

FAQs:  NTT Reappointments and Promotions


1. What University policies govern reappointments and promotions for non-tenure track faculty?

There are two policy documents (together with related policies that appear in the University Policy Library) that chiefly set forth the guidelines for reappointment and promotion considerations:

The policy titled “Appointments, Reappointments and/or Promotions of Non-Tenure Track Faculty”, commonly referred to as the “Short Form” policy,


The “Academic Promotion Instructions for Non-Tenure Track Faculty” that are distributed annually from the Executive Vice President’s Office.  There are two versions of this policy — one for Library faculty and one for all other NTT faculty.


2. I’m up for reappointment, what policy applies?

The Short Form policy applies for ALL NTT reappointments.  It also is used for promotion considerations to the rank of “Assistant Professor”.


3. What is a “rank”?

The University uses many titles to identify faculty appointments.  Each title is at a certain rank.  There are five NTT ranks.  They are:


Assistant Professor

Associate Professor


Distinguished Professor


4. How do I know the rank associated with my title?

Here is a list of titles under each rank:

Rank of Distinguished Professor:

Distinguished Clinical Professor                                          

Distinguished Clinical Professor Law                                  

Distinguished Professor of Professional Practice               

Distinguished Research Professor                                       

Distinguished Teaching Professor                                      

Lecturer (Professor II)                                                                  

Research Professor II                                                                                  




Rank of Professor:                       

Clinical Professor                                                                                         

Clinical Professor Law I                                                                               

Lecturer (Professor I)                                                                                                             

Librarian of Practice I                                                                                   

Professor of Professional Practice                                                              

Research Professor I                                                                                                        

Research Professor I [T-code]                                                           

Teaching Professor                                                                                                                


Rank of Associate Professor:

Associate Professor (Non Tenure Track)                                                    

Associate Professor of Professional Practice                                             

Associate Research Professor                                                                                         

Associate Teaching Professor                                                                     

Clinical Associate Professor                                                                        

Clinical Associate Professor Law                                                                 

Lecturer (Associate Professor)                                                                                         

Librarian of Practice II                                                                                  


Rank of Assistant Professor:

Adjunct Assistant Extension Specialist                                                                             

Adjunct Assistant Professor                                                                        

Adjunct County Agent III                                                                             

Assistant Professor (Non Tenure Track)                                            

Assistant Professor of Professional Practice                                              

Assistant Research Professor                                                                                           

Assistant Teaching Professor                                                                     

Clinical Assistant Professor                                                                                               

Clinical Assistant Professor Law                                                     

Lecturer (Assistant Professor)                                                                                          

Librarian of Practice III                                                                                


Rank of Instructor:

Clinical Instructor                                                                                                               

Clinical Instructor Law                                                                       

County Agent IV                                                                                                                

Extension Associate                                                                           


Instructor Law                                                                                   

Instructor of Professional Practice                                    

Lecturer (Instructor)                                                                                                          

Librarian of Practice IV                                                                               

Research Associate                                                                                                          

Teaching Instructor                                                                                     


5. Do reappointments and promotions come with a salary increase?

Reappointment to the same position does not carry a salary increase. There is currently a 10% promotional increase for all promotions. 


6. Will I automatically be considered for reappointment?

Yes.  Faculty who are in NTT (non “Lecturer”) titles have renewable appointments.  Evaluations are required to take place in enough time to comply with the University’s notice requirements. 


7. How will I know when I will be considered for reappointment?

Information related to the timing of a reappointment consideration should be referenced in your appointment letter and you should be given a reasonable amount of time to prepare materials to be considered for the reappointment evaluation.


8. What materials may I submit for consideration of reappointment?

The following materials are to be considered in a review under the Short Form policy:

a) The candidate’s current appointment letter;
b) The applicable criteria (must be listed on the unit/department’s website);
c) The candidate’s c.v.;
d) The candidate’s personal statement, together with any documents he/she wishes to be considered;
e) Evaluations received by the NTT faculty member during the current term of appointment, if any; and,
f) Any other documentation that may be required by the department/unit.


9. How often will I be evaluated for reappointment during my contract?

During the term of a one or two year appointment, NTT faculty are evaluated prior to the required notice period. See FAQ #7 above. 

During the term of a three, four or five year appointment, NTT faculty are evaluated twice.  The first of these evaluations may simply be a meeting between the department chair/committee.  The final evaluation for reappointment during the course of the appointment must be in accordance with the Short Form policy. 


10. Who will evaluate my record in making a determination with regard to reappointment?

NTT faculty are evaluated for reappointment beginning at the most local level, i.e., the department (which will include the principal investigator if the NTT appointment is a grant-funded one).  A small standing departmental or unit committee may act in place of the entire department or unit.

The department chair or director is the next level of review, followed by the dean.  At each level, the responsible evaluator completes the evaluation form, appending it to the materials and forwarding to the next level of review. 


11. What happens during the course of an evaluation for reappointment?

After submission of materials by the candidate a departmental committee will meet to review those materials and provide a written assessment of the candidate’s contributions by applying appropriate criteria.  The department then completes the evaluation form (the “Short Form”).  The reappointment “packet” now includes the departmental narrative related to the review and then evaluated by the Chair or Director.


12. Who makes the final decision on NTT reappointments or promotions?

The Dean is the final decision maker for all NTT reappointments. 

Final decisions on NTT promotions to the rank of Assistant Professor rests with the Chancellor.  Promotions to the rank of Associate Professor are governed by the Academic Promotions Instructions, a policy separate and distinct from the “Short Form” policy.


13. Will I be provided a copy of my evaluation?

Yes.  Faculty members are to be provided with a copy of the evaluation after conclusion of the process.  If your evaluation has concluded and you haven’t received a copy of your evaluation, request one from the Chair and/or Dean.


14. What should I do if my reappointment review was negative?

If you believe there were procedural or factual errors and/or wish to discuss the evaluation or anything else related to your appointment, we encourage you to contact the Union office.  We also encourage you to discuss the evaluation with your Chair and/or senior colleagues. 


15. I am soon to be considered for promotion.  What will govern that process?

For Library faculty, the Academic Promotion Instructions for NTT (PIN) University Library Faculty set for the procedures for promotion. (FAQ coming soon)

For all other NTT faculty, the Academic Promotion Instructions for NTT (PIN) Faculty govern the process for promotion.
Click here for the FAQs for all other NTT Faculty (Non-Library)

These policies are promulgated annually from the Office of the Executive Vice President. 


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