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Did You Know? series: PTL Personnel File

The office of the dean or the departmental office maintains a PTL's official personnel file.


While the Collective Bargaining Agreement doesn't define the materials to be maintained in the official personnel file, materials related to a PTL's terms and conditions of employment may be present (including personnel actions, non-reappointment letters or evaluations). Upon request, the department is responsible for informing PTLs of the location of the official personnel file if said file exists.


Members of the PTL bargaining unit have the right to access the official personnel file and may respond to any materials contained in the file as well as add documents that pertain to his/her employment as a PTL at Rutgers.

Access to file

A PTL who wishes to review his/her official personnel file may request, in writing, an appointment (within normal business hours) to do so and may be accompanied by an advisor (including a union representative). PTLs are entitled to copy any materials contained in the file but are responsible for the monetary cost of doing so.

Click here to view the contract language (Article XVIII)

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