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Reappointment/Promotion of Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

The University will furnish to the AAUP-AFT each year, at least 15 working days prior to distribution, a copy of all material contained in the Academic Reappointment/Promotion Instructions.  All candidates shall be notified by the chair/unit director of the URL where the current Academic Reappointment/Promotion Instructions can be accessed. Upon request, a department chair/unit director will provide a member of the faculty with a copy of the current academic reappointment/promotion instructions.  

1.    a.    Each faculty member who is to be considered for reappointment or promotion shall be notified by the department chairperson/unit director at least 30 days in advance that said consideration shall take place.

b.    A tenured faculty member may request of the department chairperson/unit director that he/she be evaluated for promotion.  The request shall be granted for tenured members of the faculty who have been at least six years in rank and have not been evaluated for promotion for at least four years.  Such evaluation shall be carried through each level of review, including the Promotion Review Committee, unless withdrawn by the candidate. Withdrawal after the candidate signs Form 2 constitutes an evaluation for the purpose of this paragraph 1.b.

c.    The candidate shall provide the department chair/unit director with a signed and completed Recommendation Information Form (Form 1).  Within ten (10) working days of its receipt, the department chair/unit director will sign and return the Form to indicate concurrence with its content, or, if there is a dispute between the candidate and the department chair/unit director as to the content of the Form which they are unable to resolve, the department chair/unit director shall so indicate in the space provided above his/her signature, attaching an explanation to the Form.

d.    At the time the faculty member submits a signed Recommendation Information Form, he/she shall submit to the department chair/unit director one copy of any documents or materials he/she wishes to have considered.  A brief personal statement identifying the candidate’s major contributions may be included among these. A list, compiled by the faculty member, of the documents submitted to the chair/unit director shall be attached to the promotion packet (Appendix H of the Academic Reappointment/Promotion Instructions).  It shall be the responsibility of the chairperson/unit director to circulate that list and all documents or materials submitted by the candidate, together with any other relevant material, subject to 1.e. below, to the appropriate reviewing bodies.

    A candidate who has had time excluded from the probationary period may, upon written request, choose to have the University evaluators, evaluative bodies, and outside evaluators informed that his/her record is to be reviewed in the same manner as the record of a faculty member with the normal probationary period.  Faculty members shall be informed of this option via the 30-day letter (Appendix F-1 of the Academic Reappointment/ Promotion Instructions). 

    If the faculty member wishes to include a lengthy unpublished manuscript and requires copying services, he/she should contact his or her dean or department chair/unit director at least 30 days prior to the date on which copies are needed.  The faculty member will be charged the prevailing rate for services so provided. If the service cannot be provided, the candidate will be notified promptly.

e.    The vitality of the University community depends on the commitment of many of its senior faculty to teaching and to its internal affairs, as well as to the expansion of knowledge. In the instance of Associate Professors who have remained in that rank for ten years or more after the granting of tenure, consideration to the criteria applicable to their promotion to a higher rank may be altered to provide increased emphasis to excellent and significant contributions to teaching and to service.  This is referred to as the “Ten Year Rule.”

    Prior to consideration for promotion, a candidate who has been an Associate Professor for ten years or more after the granting of tenure, may, upon written request, wish to be considered as a ten year case for promotion to Professor.  Faculty members shall be informed of this option via the 30-day letter (Appendix F-1 of the Academic Reappointment/Promotion Instructions).

f.  If any document or documents, other than confidential outside letters of evaluation, 

the official reappointment/promotion forms, continuation pages added to these forms, reports of reading committees, supplements to confidential letters as provided in 1.h. below, and materials submitted by the candidate, are added to the promotion packet by an evaluative body, a copy of said document(s) shall be transmitted immediately to the candidate; the candidate shall have the right to submit a response or rebuttal within six working days.  The response shall be directed to that level of the evaluation at which the added document was received and shall become a part of the promotion packet. Any documents that are (1) physically present during the evaluation and (2) specifically referred to during the deliberations of the evaluative body and (3) which a majority of the evaluative body agrees have a direct bearing on the evaluation must be added to the packet, in accordance with this procedure.

g.    Subsequent to the commencement of the evaluation and prior to final recommendation of the Promotion Review Committee, the department chairperson/unit director shall, upon request of the candidate, add to the packet evidence of a significant change in the status of materials originally submitted by the candidate if 1)  the Dean/Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian concurs that a significant change has occurred and 2) such change has occurred since the initiation of the evaluation. If there is a dispute between the candidate and the Dean/Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian as to whether a significant change has occurred in the status of materials originally submitted by the candidate, the Office of the Chancellor (the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs in evaluations of Library Faculty) shall make the final determination as to whether evidence of the change shall be added to the packet.

    Such additions to the packet, as provided above, shall in all instances be submitted to the level of review at which the candidate is then being evaluated.  However, if the addition occurs on or before December 1, the addition to the packet shall also be circulated to each earlier level of review so that each earlier level may revise its evaluation should it deem such revision warranted by the addition.  If the addition occurs after December 1, but on or before January 25, it shall be circulated only to the Dean/Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian and the Promotion Review Committee, unless the department has made a negative recommendation concerning the candidacy in question, in which case it shall also be circulated to the department.  The department, the Dean/Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian, and/or the Promotion Review Committee may revise the evaluation made at that level should such revision be deemed by the department, the Dean/Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian, or the Promotion Review Committee to be warranted by the addition.

    Except as provided in 1.f. and 1.g., no other materials or documents may be introduced by the candidate after the review process has commenced.

h.    With the exception of confidential outside letters of evaluation solicited in accordance with the Academic Reappointment/Promotion Instructions and those documents that are generally public knowledge such as published student evaluations, published articles and other similar documents, only those materials in the official personnel file (Article 18), and those materials added to the packet in 1.f. and 1.g may be used in conducting the review.  

i.    Outside letters of evaluation shall be held in confidence and their use restricted to evaluation of the faculty member.

    A candidate may suggest potential outside evaluators and may discuss with his/her department chair qualified persons from whom letters may be solicited.

    The candidate, in addition, may prepare a list of persons in his/her field from whom he/she prefers letters of evaluation not be solicited.  The candidate shall provide a written explanation for the exclusion of each person on that list.  If a letter of evaluation is solicited from an individual on the candidate's “not for” solicitation list, the candidate's written explanation shall be attached to the individual's letter of evaluation.  A department chair/unit director or Dean/Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian may, at his/her discretion, also attach an explanation for his/her decision to solicit a letter from the individual.  Such attachments, whether prepared by the candidate, the department chairperson, or the Dean/Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian, shall be held, like the letters to which they refer, in confidence.

j.    External letters of solicitation for candidates being evaluated under the “Ten Year Rule’” shall include the rule as set forth in Section I.A.1. of Rutgers Policy 60.5.17 (as may be modified from time to time by the University). 

k.    The department chair/unit director, in consultation with tenured members of the department, shall determine whether there should be a reading committee and who should be appointed to it.  The process by which tenured members of the department are consulted is within the department chair’s/unit director’s discretion. Whichever approach with respect to the utilization of a reading committee a department determines to follow shall apply to all candidates in that department who are being reviewed for reappointment or promotion in that year. 

    The reading committee report, if there is one, may be either (1) confidential for the sole information of the department, or (2) an attachment to the department report.  The function of a reading committee is to review the candidate’s scholarly work and prepare a written assessment of that work for the department’s consideration. The reading committee shall not make a recommendation on the reappointment or promotion.

2.    The candidate shall be notified of the departmental decision by the departmental chair/unit director in writing within five working days from the date such decision is made.  The candidate will be notified in writing by the Dean/Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian or his designee of the final decision in the particular personnel action within ten working days of receipt of the knowledge that the final decision by the appropriate person or committee has been made.  For unsuccessful candidacies, such notification shall include an invitation to meet with the Dean or unit director. 

3.    Each faculty member who is appointed shall be given written notice of the criteria that will be applicable in future reappointment or promotion evaluations, and those criteria shall form the basis of future evaluations.  If the applicable criteria change, the University will provide written notice to the faculty member of the newly applicable criteria. 

4.      A faculty member who is evaluated for and who fails to receive reappointment and/or promotion shall be so notified. For unsuccessful candidacies, the Dean or his/her designee shall forward a copy of the reappointment or promotion packet, with the exception of the outside letters of evaluation.  If the PRC does not recommend promotion and/or tenure, and such recommendation differs from the recommendation of the department and/or Dean, the PRC shall provide a basis for such disagreement in its recommendation to the President.  

5.    The University shall transmit to the AAUP-AFT written notice of each positive or negative final decision concerning reappointment with tenure, and reappointment within the tenured ranks, promotion with tenure, and promotion within the tenured ranks, of unit members, within ten working days of final decision when action by the Board of Governors is required.  The University shall transmit to the AAUP-AFT written notice of each positive or negative final decision concerning reappointments of Assistant Professors on the tenure track on the June notification list.

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