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Diversity, Race, and Gender

The AAUP-AFT and the University recognize the value of diversity and inclusion among the faculty, as well as among teaching assistants and graduate assistants. They mutually agree, therefore, to the following during the term of this Agreement:  

1.    The University will provide data to the AAUP-AFT, which includes the available race and gender of negotiations unit members and rank and type of appointment (Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty, Non-Tenure Track Faculty, and Teaching Assistants and Graduate Assistants).

2.    A University Committee on Diversity, Race, and Gender (UCD) shall be constituted within ninety (90) days from the date of ratification of this Agreement.  The UCD will be co-chaired by the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs (SVPAA) or designee, and shall be comprised of six members of the negotiations unit selected by the AAUP-AFT, and up to six members, including the SVPAA or designee, who may or may not be members of the negotiations unit, selected by the SVPAA, with representation from the three geographic areas of the University (New Brunswick, Newark, Camden). The AAUP-AFT shall select a member of the Committee to serve as co-chair.  The ten members of the UCD other than the co-chairs of the UCD shall make recommendations to the co-chairs by simple majority vote regarding decisions on how to carry out its charge pursuant to paragraphs 3 through 6 below and decisions with respect to expenditures on diversity initiatives pursuant to paragraph 7 below. Those recommendations receiving a majority vote shall be made to the co-chairs, who must jointly authorize the implementation of such decisions and/or the expenditure of such funds.  Any action by the UCD must be in compliance with University policy. Up to two attorneys from the Office of Senior Vice President and General Counsel shall serve in an advisory and non-voting role to the UCD. The UCD shall meet at least six times per year.  

3.    The charge to the UCD shall be to recommend initiatives pertaining to diversity, including diversity training, recruitment, retention, mentoring, and professional development. 

4.    Annual Diversity Conference: The UCD will plan an annual joint AAUP-AFT/University conference on issues confronting historically underrepresented faculty and graduate students in public research institutions across the United States.

5.    Annual Report: The UCD will produce an annual report of its activities along with plans and goals for the following year. 

6.    A University designee(s) shall meet with the UCD twice annually to discuss the hiring and retention of a diverse faculty in connection with the President’s Faculty Diversity Hiring Initiative.  The University shall provide to the UCD a report on or about January 1 and July 1 of each year regarding the expenditure of funds from the $20 million President’s Faculty Diversity Hiring Initiative established in 2019 by the University for the recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty. The report shall identify in aggregate and non-personally identifiable format the faculty hired and retained with the assistance or support of the President’s Faculty Diversity Hiring Initiative.

7.    The University shall make available up to a maximum of $500,000, to be utilized during the term of this Agreement, to support the diversity initiatives set forth in Paragraphs 3 through 6 above.  

8.      All faculty, including those historically underrepresented in certain disciplines, are strongly encouraged to consult with their chairs, deans/directors, and other senior members of the faculty as they prepare to seek reappointment and/or promotion. 

9.     Article 30 is not subject to the contractual grievance/arbitration provisions of this Agreement.  

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