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Appendix B


A.   The parties acknowledge the mutual benefits to be derived from joint consultation, improved communication and joint problem solving regarding health insurance costs and regarding the need for high quality patient care.  

B.   Therefore, the parties hereby establish a Committee on Health Insurance and Quality Patient Care.  The purpose of this Committee is to facilitate communication between the parties during the term of the contract regarding health benefits available under the State Health Benefits Plan. 

C.   The Committee shall be comprised of up to five (5) members of the AAUP-AFT and up to five (5) members of the Administration.  Either party may bring other attendees to such meetings to respond to questions Committee members may have. The Committee shall not be authorized to commit the University to take any specific actions.  If all Committee members are in agreement, specific plans regarding health insurance programs may be submitted as advice to the parties.

D.   The Committee shall meet as often as the members of the Committee deem necessary.  Meetings will be established by the AAUP-AFT contacting the Administration to set a mutually convenient date for the meeting.  The AAUP-AFT shall submit to the Administration an agenda for each meeting three weeks in advance of the meeting so that the Administration can appropriately prepare.  

E.   The Committee shall begin meeting within (60) days of the ratification of this Agreement but in no event before three weeks of the AAUP-AFT’s submission to the Administration of an agenda for the meeting.  

F.   Alleged violations of this Article shall not be grievable, but rather may be presented by either party to the Committee for discussion.


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