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Expedited Appeal of Denial of Tenure

The Promotion Review Committee (PRC) will complete tenure evaluations on a schedule permitting all candidates for tenure to be notified in April of each year, following the meeting of the Board of Governors. Unsuccessful candidates for tenure who have been evaluated by the PRC may file an Expedited Appeal of the denial of tenure directly to the PRC.  If a candidate utilizes this expedited appeal process, the candidate waives the right to grieve the decision through the Article 10 grievance process.

Tenure packets including all written evaluations and excluding external confidential letters will be forwarded to the home addresses of unsuccessful tenure candidates within three working days of the April Board of Governors meeting.  A registered mail receipt or confirmation of delivery to the home address shall be retained and actual receipt of the tenure packet by the candidate him/herself is not required to meet this delivery requirement.     

Within 15 working days of the date the tenure packet is delivered as referenced above, the candidate may submit a statement of appeal to be considered by the PRC.  The PRC may extend the time by which the statement of appeal must be submitted for good cause. In the statement of appeal, the candidate may set forth the reasons why he/she believes the evaluation process was defective and/or why he/she disagrees with the decision rendered by the PRC.  The candidate is not precluded from including in the appeal any information or material he/she wishes to be considered.

The PRC shall consider the statement of appeal plus attachment(s), if any, and the original promotion packet, accompanied by the original supplementary materials and will take one of the following actions:  

1.     Recommend promotion or reappointment with tenure. Said recommendation shall be forwarded to the Board of Governors in time for action at the June Board of Governors meeting in the same year.  The candidate shall be informed of the outcome as soon as reasonably possible following the action of the Board of Governors. The recommendation of the PRC, subject only to recommendation by the President and action by the Board of Governors, shall be final and binding on the appellant.

2.    Remand the packet.  If the PRC determines to send the packet back to an earlier level for re-evaluation, it shall set forth the reasons and instructions for the remand in a written statement that will be appended to the packet along with the candidate’s Statement of Appeal plus attachment(s), if any.  The candidate shall be notified no later than June 30 that a remand will take place during the following academic year and shall receive a copy of the PRC’s statement that is to be appended to the packet. The candidate shall receive a twelve-month extension of employment beginning July 1 following the PRC’s decision to remand the packet.

If the candidacy is successful on the remanded evaluation, the reappointment or promotion with tenure shall be effective on July 1 of the year the reappointment or promotion with tenure would have been effective had the candidacy originally been successful.

If the candidate is not tenured on the remanded evaluation, he/she shall enjoy the rights and privileges applicable to a candidate rejected after the initial evaluation and shall not be precluded from filing an Article 10 grievance or an Article 13 expedited appeal to the PRC.

3.  Deny the appeal.  If the PRC denies the appeal, it shall notify the candidate on the date of the June Board of Governors meeting and no further grievance or appeal process will be available.


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