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Bryan Sacks

My name is Bryan Sacks. I’m a proud member of the Faculty for a Democratic Union slate and the Rutgers Adjuncts Rank and File Caucus (RA-RFC). I’ve been a PTL in the Department of Philosophy and Religion in Camden since 2005 and I’m also a Ph.D. candidate at SC&I in New Brunswick. I’ve held a graduate fellowship and taught nearly 50 classes at Rutgers across a variety of subject areas. I’m running for an at-large position on the PTL Faculty Chapter executive board, and would be honored to serve you.

I’m a strong believer that PTLs deserve parity with full-time instructors with respect to our status vis-a-vis the Rutgers administration. We PTLs number more than 3,000 strong. We teach more than 30% of all courses at Rutgers. The university makes no meaningful distinctions between the courses we teach and those taught by FT unit faculty with respect to expectations of quality - nor should it - yet PTLs remain vastly undercompensated by the university. Rutgers cannot function in its core mission without our labor. I won't rest until its full value is recognized.

Being an instructor on one campus and a student on another offers me a strong basis for understanding our varied perspectives and concerns as PTLs. I promise to be a faithful conduit for them. While our union made real gains negotiating our last contract, the union must remain focused on realizing its stated goals for achieving a living wage, true job security and health benefits as the bedrock elements of any just compensation package. As an executive board member I will do everything in my power to advance those goals, and to make sure none of us are denied our hard-won gains by bureaucratic/administrative inertia.

Further, as a leader and potential trend-setter for other NJ university unions of tenuous faculty, our Rutgers PTL union has an important opportunity to set a new agenda for change that can spread beyond our campuses. I promise to work with all our officers to build a more transparent, energetic and participatory union, and I will push strongly for our union to build official and lasting ties to other adjunct groups in the region. Their struggle is ours, too.

Finally, it is vital we grow our union's membership base! With a more engaged and democratic union, everything we wish to change becomes possible. I humbly ask that you consider my candidacy to serve you on the executive board.


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