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Rutgers AAUP-AFT Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of the Rutgers Council of AAUP-AFT Chapters is to uphold, promote and defend values essential to the protection of quality public higher education. Those values include academic freedom, tenure, shared governance, due process, access to education, research funding and diversity. At the same time, we aim to enhance the quality of work life by negotiating terms and conditions of employment of those employees we represent. 

Our Vision for Rutgers

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, has provided generations of middle- and working-class students with an affordable university education of very high quality. Through its educational, research, and service programs, Rutgers serves as a powerful engine for economic development, for upward social mobility and for cultural enrichment. Today, more than ever, the citizens of New Jersey look to Rutgers to drive the recovery from the current economic downturn, to enable the state to compete in the global high-tech economy and to continue to provide excellent, affordable higher education.

At the present moment, however, the ability of Rutgers to continue to fulfill its mission to the people of New Jersey is in danger. Years of underfunding by the state, and the recent large budget cuts, have led to greater use of contingent faculty, larger classes, enrollment caps, physical deterioration of a number of facilities and substantial increases in tuition. The lack of appropriate state support seriously threatens the ability of Rutgers to continue to provide students with an outstanding education at an affordable cost, to serve as a powerful engine for economic prosperity and to respond to projected large increases in the number of qualified applicants for admission.

Vision Statement

The Rutgers AAUP-AFT is committed to enhancing the quality and accessibility of Rutgers programs and to advancing the university to the top echelon of public research universities. We believe that to achieve these goals, Rutgers must

  • recruit and retain an outstanding and diverse faculty
  • recruit an outstanding and diverse graduate and professional student body
  • recruit an outstanding and diverse undergraduate student body
  • provide students outstanding classroom instruction and mentoring to the fullest possible extent by full-time faculty members
  • provide first-class facilities, infrastructure and staff support for teaching, research and service to the citizens of New Jersey
  • build on our strengths in the liberal arts and sciences, the applied sciences and the professions
  • uphold, in all its actions, the core academic values of academic freedom and due process, intellectual honesty, shared governance and respect for the rights and opinions of others
  • foster an atmosphere of openness, collegiality and trust in which all members of the university community work together to obtain the resources required to move Rutgers to the next level of excellence.


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