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Retiree Assembly


The Retiree Assembly at Rutgers University was founded as the Emeriti Assembly by Professor Emeritus Richard Wasson who believed that it would be beneficial for retired faculty to assemble and continue to be active in academia and by making the group’s meetings a part of their intellectual pursuits in retirement.  The organization began in 1996 when by-laws were formulated to guide in defining membership, structuring meetings, committees, and dues.  The term “Assembly” was suggested by the national American Association of University Professors to distinguish the name from other titles used by educational institutions and professions. In 2005 Rutgers Council of AAUP Chapters began a trial joint affiliation with the American Federation of Teachers that became permanent in 2008. Officers of the Retiree Assembly are elected by the membership for two-year terms. The Chairperson and Vice Chairperson are elected in odd-numbered years and the Secretary and Treasurer are elected in even-numbered years. The current officers are:

Chairperson:    Jonathan Lurie
Immediate Past Chairperson: Benjamin R. Beede   
Vice Chairperson:   (none)
Secretary:    Benjamin R. Beede.
Treasurer:    Isabel Wolock

Current Chairpersons of the Standing Committees as called for in the by-laws are:

Donald Borchardt, Newsletter Committee
Judith Friedman, Program Committee

Click here for the current by-laws of the Retiree Assembly, adopted October 24, 2017


Members of the Retiree Assembly are normally continuing members (in retirement) of the national American Association of University Professors or retired faculty who were members of AAUP-AFT faculty union. Annual dues are payable in September. Retired faculty can join the Retiree Assembly by sending a check in the amount of $10 payable to "Rutgers AAUP Retiree Assembly" to Rutgers AAUP-AFT, 11 Stone Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901.

The mission of the Retiree Assembly is to sustain and enhance the personal and intellectual interest of retired faculty and of the educational functions of the University.  These interests will be met through:

  • Meetings
  • Special programs
  • A communications network
  • Work with other groups concerned with retiree issues


Members may attend monthly meetings and participate in decisions regarding activities to:

  • Improve the status of retirees
  • Continue professional interests
  • Consider aspects of health policies
  • Promote intellectual contacts
  • Evaluate economic issues
  • Communicate with the Rutgers AAUP-AFT Chapters
  • Seek out other concerns that affect life after retirement

A program of seminars and forums is scheduled for the benefit of the general membership.  Events are sometimes held with joint sponsorship of colleges or other professional organizations.


Future meetings:

  •  February 18, 2020, Robert Karlin, "A History of Hypnosis and Its Current Use in the Treatment of Pain"
  •  March 17, 2020, Barry Qualls,  "Victorian Sensations: Queen Victoria’s Subjects Confront Science and the Avante-Garde"


  • Elfriede Schlesinger, "From Vienna, Austria to  New Brunswick, New Jersey: Surviving the Holocaust--The Intersect of Near Tragedy, Surprise Humanuty, and the Family Network" (February 2019)
  • John McGann, "Who Smells Better: Humans or Other Mammals?" (March 2019)
  • Excursion to Liberty Science Center (April 2019)
  • Sid Madison, "Climate Science, current progress, and future path" (May 2019)
  • Jim Jack, "The Inspiration and Scope of GSP’s Theatre Arts Education Programs and their Positive Impact on Communities" (June 2019)
  • Tracey J. Shors, "MAP Train Your Brain and Stay Fit for Life" (September 2019)
  • Maxine Lurie, “The American Revolution from a Local Perspective” (October 2019)
  • Jennifer Jolly, "Baboons, Bedlam, Birth and Budongo." (November 2019)
  • Holiday Party (December 2019)
  • Excursion to Edison West Ornage Laboratory (January  2020)


Dues of $10 per year help to sustain the functions of the Retiree Assembly.  Donations are accepted.  The AAUP-AFT Office provides a space for monthly meetings and also provides services for duplication of notices and mailings.


  • Receive notice of meetings and other events
  • Ability to vote for Retiree Assembly officers, hold office, or serve on special committees
  • Receive the two annual issues of the newsletter (originally named the Rutgers AAUP Emeriti Reporter, changed to Rutgers AAUP-AFT Retiree Reporter with the new bylaws in 2017)


The Richard Wasson Leadership Award was established in 1999 in memory of Richard Wasson, founder and First President of the Rutgers AAUP Emeriti Assembly. This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated leadership in the area of academic retirement. The leadership can take a variety of forms such as teaching, research writing, public service, organizing programs, or promoting the provision of resources and legislation. Recipients of this award are:

2017 Ann Gordon
2016 Judith Friedman
2015 Gordon Schochet
2014 Elfriede Schlesinger
2013 Gustav Friedrich
2012 Benjamin R. Beede
2011 Raymond Bodnar
2008 Richard Quaintance
2007 Theodore Kruse
2006 Isabel Wolock
2005 Norman Eiger
2004 Sy Larson
2003 Shanti Tangri
2002 Donald Borchardt
2001 Todd Hunt
2000 Ludwig Geismar


For an archive of the Emeriti Assembly/ Retiree Assembly newsletters click here.

Links to other retiree groups at Rutgers:

Retired Faculty and Staff Association (the official university-sponsored retiree organization of Rutgers University)

Silver Knights  (the retiree organization for Rutgers staff)

RWJMS Retired Faculty Association (Retired Faculty Association of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School)

These groups have formed a "Coorrdinating Committee" that published its first nesletter in July 2018.

Contact information for the Retiree Assembly:

Rutgers AAUP-AFT Retiree Assembly
11 Stone Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901


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